Our meals are chemical and preservative free with no colourants or additives. We use only non-starchy gluten free thickeners to our meals. We do not add artificial sugars or use refined salts – only Xylitol and Himalayan Rock Salt – which makes our meals Diabetic friendly. Our meals are generally low carb and high in fibre.

We will deliver or you may collect. We will always confirm delivery dates and notify you via whatsapp, email and/or phone. Your meals are provided in containers that allow them to be frozen for extended periods of time.

All our meals are freshly prepared on order, then frozen to ensure freshness. Our meals are budget friendly. And are seriously healthy!

Whether you want to lose weight, or just eat healthier and cleaner, our meals are perfect for you! Consider it an investment in yourself whilst saving time out of the kitchen. It is about fueling your body with natural fresh ingredients for good balanced nutrition.

ALL Carb items can be substituted with lower carb options
Substitute: Basmati/Brown rice for Cauliflower Rice; Pasta with Marrow or Butternut Spaghetti,Cauli-mash, Butternut-Mash, Sweet-Potato-Mash.

Please place orders 48 hrs in advance

Contact: Wendy – 084 8111 023 or E-mail :
Please note that orders will only be processed once payment is received.


Having a demanding career, studying towards a master’s degree and maintaining a household, whilst taking care of my incredible little family means I’m constantly looking for quick ways to get healthy meals on the table and spending the least amount of time in the kitchen! The meals provided by Wendy Bosch Fitness have enabled us to capitalize on our time and keep all balls juggling in the air without compromising the wholesomeness of having a healthy lifestyle

Steve & Roxi

Hi all, for convenience, quality, taste, wholesomeness, excellent pricing, as well as healthy eating, you cannot go wrong with meals from Wendy Bosch Fitness. Believe me, you will not be disappointed. Keith and Lena