I am passionate about fitness.  Over the years, I have dabbled in lots of different activities, but I am most passionate about teaching group fitness classes and running. I started running at a young age and completed my first official 10km run at the age of 16 and recently have completed two marathons. I also hold a Black Belt in Karate, which I started at the tender age of 11.

My journey began with aerobics and that is where I developed my love for group classes.  It started off with training friends in my back garden and today I successfully run my own home studio, training clients professionally. I am a qualified Personal Trainer.

Fitness to me is not about being skinny but rather about being comfortable in your own skin.  It is about balance in life.  It is about being confident and strong and owning who you are. That’s what makes you Fit Fierce Fabulous.

I want to empower YOU – both men and women who struggle daily to balance a healthy lifestyle with the demands of a busy and stressful life. In my late teens I developed a spastic colon that developed into IBS.  I managed to control this by changing my eating habits and embarking on an exercise journey that I still follow 30 years later.

My business has evolved from Personal Training and Group Fitness classes into Colon Cleansing and Detoxing – as I believe these two go hand in hand for overall health and wellbeing. Having realized that many people didn’t know how to make clean lean healthy portion-controlled food, I introduced Meals to Go, made fresh to order.  I have now started my own Active Gear Range, that is high quality, but affordably priced. The sky is the limit!


Wendy’s Personal Training fits my needs better than any gym I belonged to.  Wendy is extremely friendly and helpful.  She gets you to be the best version of yourself.


For someone who hates exercise, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy my gym sessions with Wendy.


Having recently joined and working under the structured direction of trainer Wendy Bosch, is proving very fruitful with excellent outcomes.  Wendy is passionate about what she does.  The passion that she exudes, her varied classes and the continuous outcomes I am achieving, is allowing me to appreciate my body thus enhancing my self-image and encouraging my interest in these sessions.  I am seeing a good return on investment.


You are blessed to be so busy my sweetheart, and you are such a wonderful soul. I do really feel a ton lighter, my body especially my tummy area feels A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… and I`m so so grateful that Cylah convinced me to go to you. She really spoke so highly of you and told me what a beautiful sincere soul you are and if it wasn`t for that my nerves would have won and I would still have had the problem. Now go and continue building your EMPIRE, you doing absolutely great.

Thank you.